About us

About us

Erika's Horse Farm is a family-run business established in 2008. We work solely from the love for our horses and animals. We give the opportunity to both adults and children to interact with horses and live the unforgettable experience of Horse Riding.

Our Farm

Our farm is supported and very much appreciated by the local people of Kos and tourists. Our first priorities is, of course, the safety of the riders, therefore we are fully equipped with Helmets, Riding Boots, Chaps and Gloves. All of our Riding Equipment (Saddles, Bridles, Body Rollers etc) is checked every day for breakages and repaired accordingly. We have 15 horses, all stictly trained by English and German rules of Horse Riding.

Riding Courses

Our Riding program is as followed: Horse & Pony Riding Lessons Therapeutic Riding Lessons Vaulting Practice & Shows Trail Riding on the beach of Marmari & around the Salt Lake Trail riding up the mountain of old Pili Carraige Rides around the Salt Lake & through Marmari There is also other activities available other than Horse Riding; you can enjoy feeding the farm animals and the fish pond or sit down in our cafe 'The Farm' for a small selection of traditional Greek foods. All our food is made from biological ingredients straight from our land, including the cheese and olive oil.

Cafe Services

Our cafe 'The Farm', W/C, disabled access, playground area, car park, stables, roundpen and 2 outdoor arena's. All of which is suitably accessible for both adults and children.